plural of arcualium

Dictionary of ichthyology. 2009.

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  • arcualia — ar·cu·al·ia (ahr″ku aґle ə) nodules of cartilage in the continuous mesenchymal sheath in close apposition to the external surface of the notochord in vertebrate embryos, typically occurring in double pairs, one pair dorsolateral and… …   Medical dictionary

  • arcualium — (plural arcualia)) an embryonic cartilaginous element from which the vertebrae form. There are primitively two pairs of endoskeletal elements in each metamere and on each side of the notochord, the interdorsals and basidorsals. In the… …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • Craniata — For the class of brachiopods, see Craniforma. Craniata Temporal range: Early Cambrian Recent …   Wikipedia

  • arch-centra — vertebral centra formed by the growth of the arcualia around the notochord external to the chordal sheath and which fuse to form annual segments which become biconcave centra. Found in Teleostei …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • hemal arch — n a bony or cartilaginous arch extending ventrally from the spinal column esp the arch formed by a vertebra and an associated pair of ribs * * * one of the cartilaginous structures surrounding the caudal vein in the tail of the vertebrate embryo …   Medical dictionary

  • neural arch — n the cartilaginous or bony arch enclosing the spinal cord on the dorsal side of a vertebra called also vertebral arch * * * see vertebra * * * one of the cartilaginous structures surrounding the embryonic spinal cord, formed by the dorsad growth …   Medical dictionary

  • hypocentrum — “+ noun (plural hypocentra) Etymology: New Latin, from hypo + centrum : a ventral part of the body of a vertebra that is usually wedge shaped or horseshoe shaped, consists of the fused lower arcualia of the anterior of the two arches from which… …   Useful english dictionary

  • pleurocentrum — “+ noun Etymology: New Latin, from pleur + centrum : one of a pair of dorsal and lateral elements of the centrum of the vertebra of the fish and of an extinct amphibian representing or formed from dorsal arcualia …   Useful english dictionary

  • postcentrum — “+ noun Etymology: New Latin, from post + centrum : a distinct posterior part of the centrum of a vertebra in some fishes formed by coossification of the interventral and interdorsal arcualia opposed to precentrum …   Useful english dictionary

  • pseudocentrum — | ̷ ̷(ˌ) ̷ ̷+ noun (plural pseudocentra) Etymology: New Latin, from pseud + centrum : the body of a vertebra formed by fusion of the dorsal or dorsal and ventral arcualia (as in tailed amphibians) …   Useful english dictionary

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